'A Flag of Our Own' Design Series

New Australian Flag Design 8

In this design I have attempted to address some of the criticisms made of previous designs. 
One common criticism was that previous designs were too ‘Aboriginal’ for a flag that was striving to represent national unity and that there needs to be more compromise by all concerned. By omitting the black band I have further distinguished the design from that of the Aboriginal flag and at the same time allowed that flag to remain more uniquely Aboriginal. The current flag and the Aboriginal flag now contribute two colours each to the new design.
Another criticism was that the black, yellow and red bands made the design look too ‘German’, one of the world’s most recognised flags. By omitting the black band the design is now more uniquely Australian. Yet another criticism was that with five or more colours, previous designs were ‘too busy’ or had too many colours for a national flag. The majority of world flags have either three or four colours. This design now has only four colours and still retains the symbolism of reconciliation, inclusion and unity.

New Australian Flag Design 8

"Our Flag is not just one of many political points of view. Rather the flag is a symbol of our national unity."

Adrian Cronauer