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6. In this design I have retained the Federation Star and relocated it to the position previously occupied by the British Ensign. In Heraldry, the upper left hand corner of the flag (called the canton) is the position of honour. The implication is that since we are a sovereign independent nation our loyalty is to Australia, not to Britain, the Queen or any non-existent British Empire. This design has essentially just replaced the Union Jack with the colours of the Aboriginal flag but has rearranged the design elements in a way that tries to symbolise sovereign independence, reconciliation and national unity.

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5. This design has been simplified by omitting the shared green and gold design elements. A good flag needs to be have the least number of design elements and still have the support of the majority of people it represents. In this design the southern cross has been moved to the centre as a symbol of unity for all Australians. This is my personal favourite, the strength of this design is it’s simplicity.
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4. The sun of the aboriginal flag has been replaced by a narrow yellow band. This helps avoid possible copyright issues with  the aboriginal flag. To avoid the stereotype of the jumping kangaroo as well as the similarity to the Qantas logo I have replaced the kangaroo with gum leaves and gum nuts. The gum tree is quintessentially Australian and most Australians can readily identify with this symbol.
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  1. In this design I have introduced the Eureka Flag and placed it in the upper right (Canton) position of the flag. The Eureka flag is uniquely Australian and has gained wider notability due to its adoption in Australian culture as a symbol of democracy, protest and a wide variety of other causes. The aboriginal colours and the shared green and gold elements are included as a symbol of reconciliation and national unity. The Southern Cross has been omitted from this design.
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3. The yellow sun of the aboriginal flag is enlarged and shared with the contemporary Australian colours of green and gold in the form of a jumping kangaroo. The kangaroo is partially outside the yellow sun to the left suggesting the two design elements are independent of each other but are captured in the same frame. The offsetting of the kangaroo also gives the total flag design a more dynamic look and feel.
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2. The blue background and white Southern Cross of the current Australian flag are retained. The Aboriginal flag is left largely intact and is stretched and overlaid on the blue background. The white Southern Cross remains in its original position overlaying the stretched black and red bands of the Aboriginal flag.  Relocating the yellow sun and omittting the green band added balance to the flag design. The Aboriginal flag and colours are treated with reverence by most progressive Australians and are integral to our future national identity.
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It is the ground under our feet that we now belong, the same ground that has been populated for millennia by our indigenous peoples, this is the ground and the continent we now share,
this is who we are.